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Artist's statement

Mike Gray is an Australian artist who has exhibited nationally and internationally since 2003. Through predominately photographic and interdisciplinary lens-based works he examines dominant Western narratives that specifically intersect both Australian and personal concerns. Some of the themes explored include applied machismo, uncanny suburbia, preconscious vision, the nature–culture divide, and the experience of the partially naturalised migrant.

Primarily through experimentation he produces bodies of work whereby the technique and aesthetic produced intersect the concepts explored. In photographic terms this experimentation is informed by devolved photographic analogue processes through to high-end digital technology. Subsequently his work aims to form alternate narratives and construct new insights into aspects of post-colonialism, visual phenomena, identity and modernist histories.



2016 Doctor of Philosophy. Edith Cowan University.

2009 Bachelor of Creative Industries, Hons. (First Class). Edith Cowan University.

2002 Bachelor of Communications, Photomedia. Edith Cowan University.

1992 Diploma of Applied Science in Photography. Perth Central TAFE.


Current employment

2014 Lecturer (Photography) / Curtin University, Perth Western Australia


Solo exhibitions

2016 New Australian Plants and Animals – Gallery 25, Perth, AUS.
2016 Corrupt – Perth Centre for Photography, AUS.
2014 New Australian Plants and Animals – Perth Centre for Photography, AUS.
2014 New Australian Plants and Animals – Singapore National Museum, Singapore.
2011 Macho Confessions - Turner Galleries, Perth, AUS.
2010 China Diptychs – ESP Gallery - Sydney Fringe Festival, Sydney, AUS.
2009 Be a Hero! - Kaunas Photo Festival, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2008 Australian Edition, Kaunas Foto Festival, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2008 Assorted – Perth Centre of Photography, AUS.
2005 2nd Ave – Perth Institute of contemporary Art, Perth, AUS.


Selected group exhibitions

2018 WAu! – Korundi Art Museum, Rovaniemi, Finland.
2017 Psychogeography – Gallery Central, Perth, AUS.
2015 The Alchemists – Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, AUS.
2015 Phenomoflex Installation – Perth Fringe Festival, AUS.
2014 View from the Window – Edmund Pearce Gallery, Melbourne, AUS.
2014 Of Spears and Pruning Hooks – Spectrum Gallery, Perth, AUS.
2013 The Abandoned Boudoir – Nhow, Milan, Italy.
2013 Becoming – USST, Shanghai, China.
2013 Momentum– Perth Centre for Photography, Perth, AUS
2012 Sixth Sense – Foto Freo Gallery Central, Perth, AUS
2011 China Diptychs - Valparaiso International Festival of Photography, Chile.
2011 Beautiful South - 8th Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
2010 8 Days - Perth Centre of Photography, Perth, AUS.
2009 Transient States – Pingyao International Photo Festival, China.
2009 Transient States – Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, Perth, AUS.
2009 Yellow Vest Syndrome – Fremantle Arts Centre, Perth, AUS.
2008 Hijacked – group exhibition, Berlin (Neunplus), New York (The Arm), Sydney (Australian Centre for Photography).
2008 Dr Daryl Hewson Collection – QUT Art Museum, Brisbane, AUS.
2007 Squat – Spectrum Art Space, Perth, AUS.
2007 Undeclared Customs – The Pikture Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand.
2006 Man/Trouble - Downtown Art Space, Adelaide, AUS.
2004 Ladies and Gentlemen - QCP, Brisbane, AUS.
2004 FotoFreo Fringe - Little Creatures Brewery, Perth, AUS.
2004 Surface Tension - Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, AUS.


Selected award exhibitions

2017 Olive Cotton Portrait Award – finalist, Tweed Gallery, NSW, AUS.
2016 Bowness Photography Prize – finalist, MGA, Melbourne, AUS.
2016 CLIP (contemporary landscapes in photography) Award, winning entry, Perth Centre for Photography, AUS.
2016 Prix Pictet Award nominee (New Australian Plants and Animals).
2016 Prix Pictet Award nominee (Corrupt).
2015 City of Joondalup Invitational Art Prize – finalist (winning entry – celebrating Joondalup prize), Joondalup, AUS.
2014 Bowness Photography Prize – finalist, MGA, Melbourne, AUS.
2013 City of Joondalup Invitational Art Prize – finalist, Joondalup, AUS.
2012 Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Award – finalist, Gold Coast, AUS
2011 City of Joondalup Invitational Art Award – finalist, Perth, AUS.
2011 City of Swan Art Award – finalist (winning entry – best print), Perth, AUS.
2010 City of Joondalup Invitational Art Award – finalist, Perth, AUS.
2008 Kaunas Photo Festival 08 – Grand Prix – finalist, Kaunas Lithuania.
2004 City of Perth Photomedia Awards Finalists – finalist, PICA, Perth, AUS.



2014 A view from the window, The Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 2nd July.
2014 What it means to be sincere, The West Australian Newspaper, Sat 22nd November.
2010 Around the world on film, The West Australian Newspaper, Fri 13th August.
2009 Fleeting Visions, The West Australian Newspaper, Fri 13th May.
2009 Customs Ignored, Australian and Lithuanian Photographers
2008 Australian Photography, IQ magazine (Lithuania), N. 5 (4).
2008 Hijacked, Volume 1, Australian and American Photographers
2008 Mirror to the Deluded Male, The West Australian Newspaper, Fri 29th February.
2007 Around the world with 80 photographers, Zeit Leben Magazine (The Times, Germany).
2007 Mike Gray, Curve Magazine, Summer.
2005 Coalesance of Menace and Beauty, The West Australian Newspaper, Fri 14th May.
2005 Mike Gray, Box Magazine, Autumn.
2005 Undeclared Customs, book from the exhibition.
2004 What About Me? The Sydney Morning Herald, Thurs 6th February.
2004 Satire, laugh til’ it hurts, Photofile Issue #72 , Cover and Feature.
2004 ' Surface Tension', Sunday Arts, ABC television.



Gray, M.R. 2014. The unknown eye: Physiology, phenomenology and photography'. In V.Garnons-Williams (Ed) Photography and Fictions: locating dynamics of practice. Queensland Centre for Photography (QCP), Brisbane. pp. 96-103. ISBN: 978-0-9923225-3-3

Gray, M.R. 2014. Corrupt, Photomediations. http://photomediationsmachine.net/2014/07/31/corrupt/

Gray, M.R. 2016. Finlandisation. [Exhibition catalogue essay]. Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth, WA.



Numerous private collections including the Kerry Stokes and Dr Darryl Hewson collections



2012 Albert Facey House – Perth, W.A.
2016 Aloft Hotel – Perth, W.A.


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