Donna 2014

Confide in me 2013

Blue 2016

Miranda 2013

Office 2016

Boys light up 2013

Meth 2015

Smaller sea 2016

Someone like you 2015

Laughin' now 2015

Wave rock 2015

Gantheume 2016

Don't stop 2016

Festival 2015

Copy 2015

Project details

Corrupt is a body of work that examines the space between the natural world and the digital world by bringing the two extremes of the nature–culture axis together on the same visual plane.

To articulate the representational discrepancies within this space, nature and culture are represented by digital images of fundamental terrestrial elements that have been re-worked to reveal the binary code that constitutes the image. This process involves corrupting the images by inserting both popular cultural references to nature and personal reflections into the image when opened in a text-based code editor. When the digital files are subsequently re-opened as images the corruption manifests itself in unpredictable ways. Ironically there is an element of chance in this process that is not dissimilar to the entropic systems found in nature.

The pixels that were previously camouflaged in plain sight as a representation of nature are re-arranged; subsequently they can no longer maintain their representational link to the natural world and retreat back towards representing technology. In this light these images truly are man-altered landscapes.

In some respects, the images bring the abject (code) to the same level as the sublime (nature), the grotesque next to the picturesque. This could be seen as the two extremes of the nature–culture axis meeting each other on the same plane thus highlighting the space between where humanity originated and where it has arrived.

In a world that has mainly gone beyond questioning the effects of technology and globalization, many societies are unable to contemplate returning to a close relationship with natural systems as the space between them has grown too far. This series represents that space.

2016                Corrupt – Perth Centre for Photography, AUS.

2014                Bowness Photography Prize – finalist, MGA, Melbourne, AUS.

2014                View from the Window – Edmund Pearce Gallery, Melbourne, AUS.

2013                Becoming –  USST, Shanghai, China.

2013                City of Joondalup Invitational Art Prize – finalist, Joondalup, AUS.

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