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Australians of multiple generations form a population that has lost all maternal links to an ‘old country’ but still hasn’t reconciled itself to the actual land/space of Oz and the sense it doesn’t provide us with the European concept of ‘motherland’.

Whilst both our rural mythology and urban aesthetic have been acknowledged and realised, these narratives suggest ‘Australia belongs to us’ but not ‘we belong to Australia’.

We’re not indigenous or diaspora, we’re in limbo, held in stasis by myth, historic fantasy and pleasure pursuits. Estranged from the mother/land there is a deep cultural psychology that has yet to be understood. For me, there’s a feeling that we’re homesick but unlike recent migrants, we have no true memory of home. Orphaned long ago by empire and industrialisation we are floating, and like Dylan says, there is ‘no direction home’.

This particular work was achieved by using an improvised field projector, fashioned from an old camera and high-powered torch. Using this, I was able to either photograph individual words projected onto landscape/s or paint directly onto a scene where the words fell.

The resulting images, when sequenced into an array, directly reference long country trips and childhood. Behind this though is what has been described as ‘the melancholy of colonisation’.



2012                Sixth Sense – Foto Freo Gallery Central, Perth, AUS


2012                Albert Facey House – Perth, W.A.

Photographic installation comprising sixteen framed images that reference aspects of Albert Facey’s life and the Western Australian colonial experience.

2016                Aloft Hotel – Perth, W.A.

Feature wall / mural works derived from the series, Unsettled Projections, installed in all guest rooms (200 rooms).

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