Plastic bag work / test installation


Video of installation:

This work is part of a series that relies on single element lenses to approach the aesthetic experienced pre-consciously inside the human eye.

This is a ‘straight’ video with no digital editing taking place. In between the camera and the outside world is a single element lens that projects the scene into a plastic bag that acts like the focussing screen of a large format camera. Essentially the materials act as a model for the human eye with the retina replaced by a disposable consumer item.

The bag, housed inside a box and viewed from behind, inflates and deflates automatically through a fan housed in the plinth.

The intersecting themes comprise pre-conscious ocular aesthetics, consumer culture and suburbia. The process employed reworks the way we view everyday materials and indeterminate phenomena whilst also bringing them together to question aspects of modern life.

Perth Fringe Festival install 2015

2 images documenting the Phenomoflex installation at this years Perth Fringe Festival

Singapore International Photography Festival

Here are installation images of ‘New Australian Plants and Animals’ at the Singapore International Photography Festival’. The exhibition was held at the Singapore National Museum.

Sphere installation test

This is the ‘Phenomoflex Installation’ being tested for the first time.

Sphere installation / mural progress

Here is a mock design of the sphere installation and progress pics of the mural being painted by Graeme Richards from Art Fresco Design. The hybrid design is based on paintings by Glover and McCubbin with small details (clouds and plants) sourced from contemporary Australian landscape artists. The ‘viewing room’ is also nearing completion.

Projection dome

This dome started out as a recycling bin cover (see pic). After fibreglassing in the holes and painting it white I have begun testing various video footage taken in Perth and Yallingup.

75cm Acrylic Sphere


This is the 75cm sphere I’m preparing for the gallery install. It was made in China using clear acrylic. These pictures show: the sphere after being sanded to give it a translucent finish, mounted on a stand, and installed in a dark room to test focus.


New images

Here is a selection of images made in 2013 using the 16″ x 20″ cameras in Perth and Broome.

16″ x 20″ cameras

Here are two of the 16″ x 20″ cameras I have made for ‘New Australian Plants and Animals’. ‘Mark I’ started out life being 90cm long before I cut it down to 70cm. The change in length took it from a portrait to landscape camera by changing the focal distance from 3m to 10m. ’Mark III’ overcomes the need for being cut down to change the focal distance by telescoping in on itself.

Both cameras take 16″ x 20″ B+W photographic paper as negatives. The huge recording surface results in high fidelity images, especially in the middle where it is sharpest.