Virtual gallery installation

Here is a virtual installation of the 100cm sphere I have currently commissioned to be fabricated. The sphere will be mounted inside a enclosed canvas room which can be later used outside of the gallery for a location installation.

3D test installation

These pics document a test installation using a 3D projector and a stereo pair of ‘single element lens’ images.


2 small spheres with 3-d lenses (results in a 3d version of the Phenomoflex) that is held to the face.

Phenomoflex MK II

Here is the first large glass sphere installed into a wooden box 40cm square.

Weather Balloon / Installation Test #01

These are images of the first weather balloon / installation test. The balloon has a 70cm focal length lens taped to the (ripped) opening. The projection inside the balloon was compromised by light entering the room I tested it in. Next time I’ll have a room prepared with only an opening for the lens.